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Ghani Law Corp. provides clients with a range of legal services, which include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you or a loved one is involved in a motor vehicle collision, the aftermath can be difficult. You might be recovering from serious physical injury while having to deal with ICBC or another insurance company.  If you are unable to work, engage in day-to-day activities or care for your family, the prospect of a legal claim can be overwhelming. 

If we are your lawyers, your case is handled professionally and your input is taken into consideration. Our caring approach to personal injury law has benefited many of our clients not just financially but also with their personal life.  Most cases settle without a trial, but we are prepared to proceed to trial if needed.  

We ensure you are able to focus on your recovery while we handle all other related tasks such as communicating with the insurance company, filing a claim, requesting your medical records from the professionals you visit, making sure all your paper work is complete, and handling the litigation. 

In most cases, we have our clients assessed by experts to help determine the nature and extent of the injuries and impact of such injuries upon the clients. We aim to simplify the legal process so you can focus on getting better and eventually recover the compensation you are entitled to. 

We assist people injured in British Columbia in all kinds of motor vehicle collision claims, including: 

•         Car accidents

•         Motorcycle accidents 

•         Bicycle and pedestrian accidents 

•         Hit-and-run accidents 

If you are injured in one of these accidents, you may be entitled to benefits from your own insurance company and you may also be entitled to bring a claim against the at fault driver for: 

•         Pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life 

•         Out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of the motor vehicle accident 

•         Income lost as a result of the motor vehicle accident (both past and future lost income)  

•         Housekeeping expenses 

•         Expenses for any future care you may require 

•         Family members may also have an "in trust" claim 

If we decide to take your case, we will usually do so on a contingency (percentage of recovery) basis. We have experience handling complex cases involving spinal cord and brain injury and have and an extensive network of medical experts we work with on our cases.  For a full understanding of what you may be entitled, we are glad to meet with you at our Surrey or Vancouver office to explain and discuss the claims process and your options with you. 

Medical Malpractice

Not every bad outcome in medicine is the result of medical malpractice.  Almost all medical procedures have some amount of risk, and some illnesses cannot be cured despite the best medical care and treatment. But an error can result in a serious injury and an medical malpractice claim if a doctor, hospital, nurse or other health care provider, deviates from the acceptable professional standard of care, or deviates from the accepted standard of care in rendering treatment, which results in injury or death. In these circumstances, the medical provider may be liable for damages.

Due to the complexity and expense associated with medical malpractice claims, our threshold for taking on medical malpractice claims is high — there must be a disabling, life-threatening or fatal outcome, not merely a mistake that caused a minor injury. In order to be successful in your claim, we must prove that the health care professional did not do what other physicians, nurses or other hospital staff, would have reasonably done in the same situation.  

Determining whether you have a medical malpractice claim requires a detailed review of your medical records and, often, consultation with an independent medical professional.  As such, we will need to obtain and review your medical and hospital records.  If, after reviewing the medical records, we are of the opinion that there is some indication of malpractice, we will proceed with retaining a medical expert to provide a preliminary opinion.

Medical malpractice law in British Columbia is complex, and investigations into the viability of your claim need to commence as soon as possible following the injury so evidence can be obtained quickly if needed. 

If we decide to take your case, we will usually do so on a contingency (percentage of recovery) basis. We have experience handling complex cases involving spinal cord and brain injury and have and extensive network of medical experts we work with on our cases.

Product Liability

Manufacturers of products as well as designers, distributors and retailers have a responsibility to protect the safety of their consumers. If you or a loved one has been hurt as a result of a dangerous product, it is important to speak to a lawyer about your rights. 

If a consumer is injured while using the product in the way it was designed to be used, liability may lie with some combination of the designer, manufacturer, distributor or seller. We will investigate the circumstances of your injury in order to determine who is liable and hold that party accountable for the damages you have suffered. 

We represent the victims of product liability injuries and seek all appropriate compensation for our clients, including for rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages. 

Occupiers Liability

We represent people who have been injured on land or in buildings that are owned by others. In British Columbia, the law imposes legal responsibilities on property occupiers to take reasonable care to keep people entering the premises reasonably safe. An “occupier” can be a person, company, city, or other entity, and they can be liable to you for your injuries if they owned the premises, had possession of them, or if they had responsibility for them and control over them. 

These legal claims are governed by the British Columbia Occupiers Liability Act and are referred to as occupier liability or premises liability cases. The Act and the court cases that interpret it create a complicated, detailed area of law.  

These claims can be the result of:  

•         Slippery sidewalks, parking lots or outdoor stairs covered with ice, snow or water 

•         Uneven pavement, steps or floors 

•         Unsafe or missing railings 

•         Slippery floors from liquid spills, washing or waxing 

•         Slick objects on the floor like produce in a grocery store 

•         Tripping hazards 

•         Inadequate lighting 

•         And others  

What to do if you have suffered a personal injury in a slip and fall accident? 

•         Take photos of the location of the slip and fall accident as soon as possible 

•         Get the names and contact information for any witnesses to the accident 

•         Report the accident to the occupier or owner of the property 

•         Photograph and keep the footwear you were wearing at the time of the

           accident and preserve any other evidence you think may be relevant 

•         Follow the advice or treatment recommendations of your family doctor

It is important for anyone who is injured on the premises of another to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to understand what legal options for recovery are available and how to take legal action such as a personal injury lawsuit under the Act.  

Another reason to seek legal advice as soon as possible is that there are filing and notice deadlines that if not met could prevent an otherwise valid claim from going forward. If the land involved is publicly owned or occupied by a governmental body, the injured person should immediately contact the municipality or other governmental body involved to give required notice of the legal claim. In some cases the notice requirements have relatively short deadlines.  

If we decide to take your case, we will usually do so on a contingency (percentage of recovery) basis. We have experience handling complex cases involving "slip and fall" injuries.

Business Disputes / Debt Collection

We have acted in British Columbia from individuals to large international firms in various commercial matters; including: 

•         Oppression remedies and minority shareholder actions            

•         Partition actions

•         Commercial landlord and tenant disputes                                   

•         Construction ligation and lien-litigation 

•         Insolvency and bankruptcy litigation                                          

•         Debt collection

•         Enforcement of Foreign Judgments    

•         Creditor and debtor rights

•         Obtaining Letters Rogatory                                                        

•         Receivership remedies

•         Real estate litigation                                                          

•         Contract disputes

•         Partnership disputes                                                          

•         Shareholder disputes

•         Civil litigation, Mediations, and Arbitrations                                

•         Business Disputes

Disputes within a partnership, corporation or joint venture disrupt the business and, if not dealt with quickly and discreetly, may have a long term effect on the reputation in the business community, on the confidence of the trading partners and perhaps even the viability of the business itself.

Employment Law

We have acted for large employers and for individual employees in various employment law matters. We strive to resolve all matters in the most effective and efficient way possible. We have extensive experience engaging in negotiations and mediations in order to resolve a variety of workplace disputes, and we are also willing to pursue litigation before administrative tribunals and the courts in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

We are able to assist in the following Employment Law areas:

•           Wrongful dismissal

•           Constructive dismissal

•           Termination with cause

•           Termination without cause

•           Severance packages

•           Employment agreement contracts

•           Discrimination and human rights

•           Workplace conflict


Wrongful Dismissal

If you’ve been dismissed whether with “just cause” or whether there was a wrongful termination, we advise for you to have a lawyer review your case. Each case must be assessed individually to determine if you’re entitled to compensation. In British Columbia, an employer can terminate an employee without just cause as long as the employee is given proper notice of termination or full compensation/severance, and the termination does not offend Human Rights laws.

Even if your employer claims to dismiss you with “just cause”, be sure to have your matter reviewed before agreeing to any settlement proposal from your employer. Employees cannot be terminated for just cause unless certain steps are followed and the behaviour in question is serious. Wrongful dismissal cases are complex and must be carefully assessed. 

Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal is another way of saying that an employer has made a fundamental change to an employee’s terms or conditions of employment. In this situation, the employee can claim damages for wrongful dismissal. It is important to be very careful in these situations, accepting the change may constitute a new employment agreement and the issue of mitigation must be considered.  

Most commonly, constructive dismissal may be made out when one or more of the following are present:

•         There is a cut in salary and/or benefits

         The employee is demoted

•         The employee is transferred to another location

         Abusive treatment

•         Serious changes in job duties

 Employment Contracts

An employment contract can specify everything from the employee’s hours of work to the severance to which they’re entitled in case they are dismissed. Make sure to get legal advice on the details of your next employment contract before signing.  We have experience advising employers and employees on terms on such contracts

Even once a contract is signed, you may be asked to accept amended contracts at some point. Contact us first to ensure that your rights are being protected.

Immigration Law

Making the decision to migrate to Canada is major decision, and one that impacts your family. At Ghani Law Corp., we can make the process easier by guiding you on the right path.

We offer a wide range of Immigration Services that include:

•         Spouse / Family Sponsorships

•         Study, Visit, and Work Permits

•         Live-in Caregiver (Nanny) Applications

         Business Visitor Visas

•         Permanent Residence Applications

         Immigration Refusals and Appeals

Uncontested Divorce

Ending a marriage is an important legal matter which affects you and your children both legally and financially. A divorce can only be granted by a court. While many couples may agree that their relationship should end and therefore want to apply for an uncontested divorce, it is important to consult a lawyer. Ghani Law Corp. can help guide you through the choices you need to make for yourself and your children as well as the legal requirements you must satisfy before being granted a divorce. 

Family Law Agreements

Deciding whether and how to enter into a family law agreement can be an emotional and confusing task. We help you determine the terms that are right for your family and ensure the agreement includes the essential elements to be legally enforceable.

Family law agreements are entered into by couple before a marriage, during cohabitation or after a relationship ends, called:

•       Cohabitation Agreements

•       Marriage Agreements

•       Prenuptial Agreements

•       Separation Agreements

The topics that an agreement can cover are child support, spousal support, property and debt. Ghani Law Corp. helps its clients negotiate a fair and resonable agreement to end a relationship which saves the couple time, money and stress to all the parties concerned.